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Best Fall Streaming Shows to Get You in the Autumn Mood

Sep 7, 2023

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Audio transmission

Uses Bluetooth technology

Audio quality

Up to two channels of compressed audio (stereo)


Ideal for headphones, earbuds, and portable speakers

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Audio transmission

Uses a standard Wi-Fi network

Audio quality

Up to two channels of high-definition audio (stereo)


Ideal for smart speakers, multiroom speakers, and speakers that expand soundbar-based systems

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Audio transmission

Creates a dedicated wireless network, specifically for the sound system

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Up to eight channels of ultra high-definition uncompressed audio; supports Dolby Atmos®

Highest globally-recognized standard for wireless speaker systems


Ideal for true cinema surround-sound systems

Ah, Fall—the season of warm hues, cozy sweaters, and the irresistible aroma of pumpkin spice. As the days grow shorter and the air turns crisp, there's no better way to embrace the season than by curling up with some comforting Fall treats and binge-watching shows that evoke the spirit of autumn. From the sight of colorful leaves to the sound of footsteps crunching through fallen foliage, the right TV show can make you feel like you're wrapped in a warm autumnal blanket.

And speaking of sound, let's not underestimate the role of immersive 3D audio technology in enhancing your viewing experience. Sound doesn't just serve the narrative; it envelops us, creating a more immersive and tactile experience of the season's richness. This is especially true with the advent of immersive 3D audio technologies like Dolby Atmos.

Imagine a scene where the leaves are falling off the trees. Visually, it's a hallmark of the Fall season, but the sound completes the picture. The rustling leaves, the distant chatter of a squirrel, perhaps even the subtle creak of a porch swing—these auditory details make the visuals come alive, pulling us deeper into the autumnal atmosphere.

Advanced sound systems with immersive 3D audio technology can place these sounds around and even above you. You'd get the general sense of ambiance in a standard stereo setup. But, with a 5.1.2 system employing upward-firing speakers, you're not just hearing the rustle—you're standing amidst the trees with leaves falling around you. It's like stepping into a 360-degree Fall wonderland crafted from sound, enriching your viewing and your auditory experience.

So, as you select your perfect Fall line-up, consider the visuals and how the sound design can elevate your viewing experience. When both are in harmony, you'll not just watch Fall unfold on your screen but actually feel like you're a part of it. So, brew a pumpkin spice latte or toast some s'mores because we've rounded up the top 10 Fall streaming shows that will get you into the perfect autumn mood.

Show #1: "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" (Netflix)

Brief Synopsis: Follow the Gilmore women through a year, including a beautifully shot fall season in Stars Hollow.

Why it's great for Fall: Vivid foliage, cozy sweaters, and fall festivals.

Sound Experience: Rich audio, but not in Dolby Atmos.

Ideal Pairing: A mug of pumpkin spice latte.

Show #2: "This Is Us" (NBC, available for streaming)

Brief Synopsis: A heartwarming drama about family, love, and life.

Why it's great for Fall: Emotionally resonant scenes that go well with the reflective nature of Fall.

Sound Experience: Crisp audio, available in Dolby Atmos on certain platforms.

Ideal Pairing: S'mores, for a fireside family feel.

Show #3: "Outlander" (Starz)

Brief Synopsis: Follow Claire Randall as she's transported back in time, facing challenges and romance.

Why it's great for Fall: Scottish highlands, woolen cloaks, and beautiful fall landscapes.

Sound Experience: Rich sound design with immersive 3D audio technology.

Ideal Pairing: Hot apple cider with or without whiskey.

Show #4: "Anne with an E" (Netflix)

Brief Synopsis: The adventures of Anne Shirley, an imaginative young orphan.

Why it's great for Fall: Picturesque Canadian landscape, school starting, harvest festivals.

Sound Experience: High-quality audio, but not in Dolby Atmos.

Ideal Pairing: A cozy blanket and caramel apples

Show #5: "The Morning Show" (AppleTV+)

Brief Synopsis: A behind-the-scenes look at the lives of the people who help America wake up in the morning.

Why it's great for Fall: Intriguing drama that pairs well with a crisp autumn afternoon.

Sound Experience: Available in Dolby Atmos, providing a rich auditory tapestry.

Ideal Pairing: Warm spiced nuts.

Show #6: "Ted Lasso" (Apple TV+)

Brief Synopsis: An American football coach heads to England to manage a struggling soccer team.

Why it's great for Fall: The football (or soccer) season vibes and heartwarming moments make it a feel-good show for Fall.

Sound Experience: Offers Dolby Atmos in some episodes, adding an auditory depth to the scenes.

Ideal Pairing: Guinness and pumpkin "chips" (fries)

Show #7: "Little Fires Everywhere" (Hulu)

Brief Synopsis: The intertwined fates of the Richardson family and a mysterious mother and daughter.

Why it's great for Fall: Themes of family and identity that provoke thought as the year winds down.

Sound Experience: Clear and atmospheric audio but not in Dolby Atmos.

Ideal Pairing: Apple pie and a warm beverage.

Show #8: "Ozark" (Netflix)

Brief Synopsis: A financial planner relocates his family to the Ozarks after a money-laundering scheme goes wrong.

Why it's great for Fall: Darker tones and themes match the shorter, cooler days of the season.

Sound Experience: High-quality sound design, with some episodes available in Dolby Atmos.

Ideal Pairing: Pumpkin spice cookies.

Show #9: "Schitt's Creek" (Netflix)

Brief Synopsis: A wealthy family suddenly finds themselves broke and must live in Schitt's Creek, a town they once bought as a joke.

Why it's great for Fall: Feel-good and humorous episodes are perfect for lightening the mood during the darker months.

Sound Experience: Clear audio but not in Dolby Atmos.

Ideal Pairing: S'mores-flavored ice cream.

Show #10: "Yellowstone" (Paramount Network, available for streaming)

Brief Synopsis: A ranching family in Montana faces off against others encroaching on their land.

Why it's great for Fall: The sprawling landscapes and themes of family and legacy are perfect for contemplative autumn nights.

Sound Experience: Solid audio that brings the outdoor scenes to life, available in Dolby Atmos.

Ideal Pairing: A bowl of hearty butternut squash soup and focaccia bread.

And there you have it—a carefully curated list of 10 shows that will transport you to quaint small towns, sprawling ranches, and heartwarming family dinners, all infused with the essence of Fall. Whether you're craving the emotional depth of a family drama or the lighter moments of a comedy, there's something on this list for everyone. Don't forget to pair your watching session with delicious pumpkin spice treats or gooey s'mores for the full Fall experience. And if you have the opportunity, elevate your viewing pleasure with immersive 3D audio technology.

Ready to make your Fall TV experience truly unforgettable? Consider upgrading to the Monaco5.1.2 home theater system. With its upward-firing speakers and Dolby Atmos capabilities, you won't just be watching these shows—you'll be living them. Experience the crunch of leaves underfoot and feel the chill in the air as if you were right there in the scene. The Monaco 5.1.2brings all the intricate details of these autumnal shows to life, placing you right in the middle of the action for a 360-degree sound experience.

So grab that cozy blanket, light a cinnamon-spiced candle, and click the link below to discover how the Monaco 5.1.2 can elevate your movie and TV-watching this Fall.

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