Experience entertainment the way it's meant to be heard, with Platin Audio.

Bring cinema sound home.

Platin delivers spectacular sound without wires.

Compact and beautifully designed, Platin Monaco speakers turn any room, large or small, into an elegant and immersive home theater. Monaco speakers are Tuned by THX and deliver rich, robust sound with stunning clarity. Best of all, Monaco is simple to set up and operate, compatible with all Smart TVs, including LG OLED and NanoCell models, and with all Xbox One, Series S, and Series X consoles.

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A mother and young daughter are sitting on a couch watching TV together.

Get the most out of every moment.

Today's movies and shows feature stunning multichannel, high-definition audio. With Platin, you hear everything—from spectacular sound effects to the softest whisper.

Two components of a Platin sound system are displayed on and under a low console-style table in a contemporary living room.

Add Platin to your living room in minutes.

Plug the wireless transmitter into your Smart TV, WiSA-Ready TV, or Xbox console, and plug each speaker into a power outlet. Now, enjoy. Want to fine-tune your system? The app puts you in control.

A laughing father and young son are sitting on a couch, eating popcorn, and watching TV together.

Experience the joy of cinema sound.

With Platin, you experience programming the way it's meant to be heard. Every moment—whether huge and explosive or quiet and suspenseful—is delivered with crystal-clear sound.

The Platin Monaco 5.1 wireless audio system features a subwoofer, center channel speaker, audio transmitter, two front satellite speakers, and two rear satellite speakers. Components are compact, and have a black finish.

Platin Monaco. Immerse yourself in stunning sound, affordably.

No home theater is complete without high-definition audio. Superior to Bluetooth, MP3, and CD audio, WiSA-certified wireless audio systems deliver up to eight channels of uncompressed 24-bit, 48-96 kHz sound with lightning-fast speaker synchronization. The result? You'll experience movies, shows, and games the way they were meant to be—with rich, crystal-clear sound.

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Count on the industry's top certifications.

WiSA's stamp of approval

Platin components are WiSA Certified, meaning they meet the highest globally-recognized standards for wireless speaker systems. Enjoy stellar eight-channel high-definition audio with superb speaker synchronization through a dedicated, wireless audio system—no wires or Wi-Fi network connection required.

Tuned by THX

We put our home audio systems through the most rigorous testing and tuning process in the industry, guaranteeing that every decibel is delivered with expert-confirmed, crystal-clear excellence that earns the Tuned by THX badge of approval.

Platin monaco speaker lineup

Why do I need a multispeaker sound system? Won't a soundbar do?

Today's flat-screen HDTVs lack the audio capabilities to match the vivid visuals they deliver, leaving your big-screen experience dulled by small sound. And while a soundbar may help, only a multispeaker sound system can deliver today's movies and shows the way they're meant to be heard—with spectacular high resolution, uncompressed, multichannel sound.

What about set up? In the time it takes to install a soundbar, you can set up Monaco. WiSA Certified, Monaco eliminates speaker wires and delivers cinema-quality sound wirelessly. With stunning sound and beautiful, compact components that blend into any decor, Monaco is the perfect fit.