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Reach new heights with Monaco 5.1.2 and 5.2.2.

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Surround yourself with cinema sound.

Platin Audio produces immersive home theater sound systems that cut the cords and the hassle of setup completely. Experience an immersive tapestry of high-resolution audio, with smart components that leave wires behind, reducing complications and costs at the same time. The smart designs of Platin’s sleek, smooth Monaco and subtle, stylish Milan speaker systems will compliment and blend into any room’s decor. We're confident you'll find the perfect fit for your home entertainment with Platin Audio.

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Meet the Monaco family.

Monaco 5.2.2

Includes Dolby Atmos-certified WiSA SoundSend

$1,699 USD

Monaco 5.2.2 delivers the same breathtaking surround sound that Monaco 5.1.2 does—with even more bass. Featuring two Platin Subwoofers, Monaco 5.2.2 doubles the impact of action-packed programming with deep thundering sound that you both hear and feel.

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monaco 5.1.2 surround sound system over white background

Monaco 5.1.2

Includes Dolby Atmos-certified WiSA SoundSend

$1,499 USD

Monaco 5.1.2 delivers the same stunning surround sound that Monaco 5.1 does—and more. Featuring front speakers with upfiring drivers to play Dolby Atmos® and Dolby Atmos Music height channels, Monaco 5.1.2 plays sound overhead, as well as all around you.

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monaco 5.1 surround sound system over white backgroundwhite monaco 5.1 sound system

Monaco 5.1

Includes Dolby Atmos-certified WiSA SoundSend

$1,099 USD

Monaco 5.1 comes with everything you need to add stunning wireless cinema sound to your living room. Delivering multiple channels of high-definition audio, Monaco 5.1 surrounds you with sound, creating an immersive home entertainment experience.

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Meet Milan.

milan 5.1 surround sound system over white background

Milan 5.1

Includes Dolby Atmos-certified WiSA SoundSend

$699 USD

Milan 5.1 fills your living room with beautiful sound—without compromising your space or your budget. Its ultra-compact wireless speakers surround you with multiple channels of high-definition audio, turning home entertainment into a cinema-style experience.

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See what the experts say.

Rolling Stone

"With five powerful speakers, a rumbling subwoofer, and Dolby Atmos, the system [Monaco 5.1.2] creates an immersive space that makes movies and TV better."

Tim Chan, Sage Anderson, John Lonsdale, Oscar Hartzog, Nishka Dhawan

Game Informer

"The Dolby Atmos-enabled sound is lifelike, cinematic in scope, and rich in distinct sounds from onscreen action; it’s a particularly ideal match to a gaming setup."

Game Informer Editorial

Hollywood Reporter

"Easy to set up and operate, this luxurious cinema-style surround sound system is THX tuned and certified by WiSA, and features eight channels of sound (as opposed to standard Wi-Fi speakers with only two), “picture-perfect lip sync” and upward-firing front speakers that deliver an immersive Dolby Atmos experience."

Danielle Directo-Meston

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Milan Available on QVC

Milan made its debut on QVC's Down Home with David. Shop and save while supplies last.

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Why do I need a multispeaker sound system?

Programming is often delivered in audio formats like Dolby 5.1, 7.1, and even Dolby Atmos. This is how big, cinematic content is meant to be experienced, and it requires sound technology built to match. Today's flat-screen HDTVs lack the audio capabilities to match the vivid visuals they deliver, leaving your big-screen experience dulled by small sound. A multispeaker system can deliver content the way its meant to be heard—with specific sounds coming from specific locations in the room.

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Do You Need a Second Sub? Do You Want One?

The Platin Subwoofer provides rumbling bass that will shake your walls—and while you don't need a second sub—find out if you WANT one.

Stunning wireless cinema sound.

No home theater is complete without high-definition audio. Superior to Bluetooth, MP3, and CD audio, WiSA HT-certified wireless audio systems deliver up to eight channels of uncompressed 24-bit, 48 kHz sound with lightning-fast speaker synchronization. The result? You'll experience movies, shows, and games the way they were meant to be—with rich, crystal-clear sound.

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A mother and young daughter are sitting on a couch watching TV together.

Experience the excitement of cinema sound.

Today's movies, shows, and games offer stunning multichannel sound. With Platin Audio, you fully experience it.

Contemporary living room with Milan speakers on a credenza; television has football game kickoff on the screen

Set up your Platin Audio sound system in minutes.

Plug your speakers into power outlets and connect your TV to WiSA SoundSend (included). Now, sit back and enjoy.

Two components of a Platin sound system are displayed on and under a low console-style table in a contemporary living room.

Enjoy superior wireless audio transmission.

Award winning, WiSA SoundSend (included) transmits multichannel audio from your Smart TV to Platin speakers.

Count on the industry's top certifications.

WiSA Certified

Milan and Monaco

Platin components are WiSA HT Certified, meaning they meet the highest globally-recognized standards for wireless speaker systems. Enjoy stellar eight-channel high-definition audio with superb speaker synchronization through a dedicated, wireless audio system—no wires or Wi-Fi network connection required.

Tuned by THX


We put our home audio systems through the most rigorous testing and tuning process in the industry, guaranteeing that every decibel is delivered with expert-confirmed, crystal-clear excellence that earns the Tuned by THX badge of approval.