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Do You Need a Second Sub? Do You Want One?

May 4, 2023

graphic of an outdoor deck chair with a speaker and a pair of wireless earbuds for relaxation


Audio transmission

Uses Bluetooth technology

Audio quality

Up to two channels of compressed audio (stereo)


Ideal for headphones, earbuds, and portable speakers

graphic of a home office improved with a speaker system


Audio transmission

Uses a standard Wi-Fi network

Audio quality

Up to two channels of high-definition audio (stereo)


Ideal for smart speakers, multiroom speakers, and speakers that expand soundbar-based systems

graphic of a home theater


Audio transmission

Creates a dedicated wireless network, specifically for the sound system

Audio quality

Up to eight channels of ultra high-definition uncompressed audio; supports Dolby Atmos®

Highest globally-recognized standard for wireless speaker systems


Ideal for true cinema surround-sound systems

Let's start out with the most important fact in this blog: You don't NEED a second sub. Platin systems have excellent subwoofers that can provide rumbling bass that will shake your walls. But do you WANT a second sub? That depends on your individual tastes in your immersive entertainment experience.

Adding a second subwoofer to your home theater system can significantly enhance your audio experience. With a second sub, you can achieve a more balanced and powerful bass response and improve the overall sound quality. This blog post will explore the benefits of adding a second subwoofer to your home theater setup.

Two subs are louder than one

The first benefit of adding a second subwoofer is that it will give you more bass, which means a louder overall sound. Suppose you enjoy feeling the low-frequency rumble of a subwoofer in your chest. Adding a second sub will give you more of that visceral experience. Two subs will rumble the room more, giving you a better home theater experience. This is particularly useful for large rooms or open spaces where a single subwoofer may struggle to fill the entire area with sound. Moreover, the added volume and bass can help to create a more realistic and lifelike audio experience, making it feel like you are part of the action. The added impact and immersion can make a huge difference in your enjoyment of movies, TV shows, and music, taking your entertainment to the next level.

A balanced attack

The second benefit of adding a second subwoofer is that it can help balance the room's acoustic response without the need for complex equalization and other room correction methods. A subwoofer's position in a room can affect its frequency response, and a second subwoofer placed in a different location can help balance the sound.

This is particularly important if you have a room with uneven acoustics or your single subwoofer struggles to provide an even bass response. Adding a second subwoofer can achieve a more balanced attack, ensuring that the sound is consistent throughout the room. Investing in a second subwoofer can achieve an immersive home theater experience that will transport you to another world.

Share the work

The third benefit of adding a second subwoofer is that it can help to reduce distortion and improve the overall sound quality. Two subwoofers will each have to work less to create the same output, which means they can produce a cleaner, more accurate sound with less distortion.

This is particularly useful if you have a large room or enjoy listening to music or watching movies at high volume levels. You can enjoy a more powerful bass response with two subs without sacrificing sound quality or damaging your equipment.

Two small subwoofers fit where one large subwoofer can't

When it comes to home entertainment systems, many people want to have the best possible sound quality while also maintaining an aesthetically pleasing space. This is particularly true in mixed-use living areas, where the room may serve multiple purposes, such as a living or family room. In such cases, subwoofer performance must be balanced with décor and aesthetics.

Large subwoofers with ported cabinets can be visually imposing and may not fit in smaller spaces. For example, a large subwoofer in a small living room can dominate the space and detract from the room's overall look. On the other hand, two smaller subwoofers can provide similar performance while being less visually impactful. They can be placed in various locations in the room or even hidden under a sofa.

Recommended placement for dual subwoofers

When placing dual subwoofers, there are a few general guidelines to follow. Still, the most basic answer is wherever you want and wherever sounds best to you. Ideally,  you should place the subwoofers symmetrically in the room, equidistant from the primary listening position. This helps ensure that bass response is consistent across the entire listening area.

Putting your subwoofers in the corners of the room will result in the most output being directed into the listening area. Placing them along a wall is another good option that will direct sound your way. Both of these boundary loaded options can also result in a somewhat boomy response which may be good or bad depending on your personal taste.

Every room is different, so it's essential to experiment with varying placements of the subwoofers to find what works best for your space. Try moving the subwoofers around the room and listening for changes in bass response.

Equalization and/or room correction software can also be used to dial-in your subwoofer response. The WiSA SoundSend has an app that will assist you with your sub setup and can help optimize the bass response in your room. Take advantage of this technology to get the best sound possible. Overall, the goal is to achieve even and consistent bass response across the entire listening area. You can get the most out of your dual subwoofers with some experimentation and careful placement.

The Platin Subwoofer

If you are looking for a high-quality subwoofer to add to your home theater setup, the Platin Subwoofer is an excellent choice. This subwoofer is constructed for maximum sound from a small profile, which means it will fit under most sofas and take up minimal space in your room. Despite its small size, the Platin Subwoofer can produce a robust, deep bass response that will rock the room when the biggest moments hit your TV screen. All aspects of the subwoofer including the driver, amplifier, tuned bass-reflex enclosure, and electronics have been engineered to deliver great performances as a complete system.

Moreover, the Platin Subwoofer is the perfect foundation for the Monaco and Milan speaker systems, which are known for their high-quality sound and excellent performance. With the Platin Subwoofer and these speakers, you can create a truly immersive audio experience that will envelop you in a fully immersive entertainment experience. 

Take Monaco 5.1.2 to 5.2.2

Take the already amazing Monaco 5.1.2 immersive surround sound experience, add a second Platin Subwoofer, and experience 5.2.2 sound that makes you feel like you are part of the action.

Meet Monaco 5.1.2 from Platin Audio

Featuring front speakers with upfiring drivers to play Dolby Atmos and Dolby Atmos Music height channels, Monaco 5.1.2 with WiSA SoundSend takes home entertainment to new heights.

Platin Monaco 5.1.2 on a white background; blue circle shows the upfiring speakers

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