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Welcome to Milan. Let’s get started.

Cinema sound is only a few steps away.

Milan comes with everything you need to add stunning cinema sound to your home entertainment experience. Follow the steps below to set up the six speakers, followed by WiSA SoundSend,® the award-winning wireless audio transmitter that decodes Dolby Atmos®, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital+, and Dolby TrueHD.

Step 1

Unpack the box and take inventory.


Milan Satellite Speaker over a white background

Center-channel speaker (1)

Milan Satellite Speaker over a white background

Front speaker (2)

Rear speaker (2)

subwoofer on white background

Subwoofer (1)

WiSA SoundSend over white background

WiSA SoundSend wireless audio transmitter (1)


Speaker accessories

6-foot power cord (5)

5-foot power cord for subwoofer (1)

Transmitter accessories

HDMI cable (1)

USB power cable (1)

Power adapter (1)

Step 2

Set up your speakers.

zoomed in look at the back of the satellite speaker

Front and rear speakers

Speakers have a location code on the back:

Front speaker codes

FL and FR

Rear speaker codes

SL and SR

Platin Milan satellite speaker and center channel speaker over a white background

Center-channel speaker

Place the center-channel speaker near the horizontal center of the TV, equidistant from the left- and right-front speakers.


Place the subwoofer at floor level—near a wall, in a corner, under a couch—wherever it sounds best.

Place speakers as described above and shown below.

Attach power cords and plug in speakers—the Network and Link lights will blink until SoundSend connects to the speakers.

Diagram of the ideal speaker setup with the couch in the center and in the four corners of the room, four satellite speakers sit. And the center channel speaker right under the television

Step 3

Connect WiSA SoundSend.

WiSA SoundSend audio transmitter on a white background

TV compatibility

SoundSend is compatible with all Smart TVs with with an HDMI ARC or HDMI eARC port.


Turn off the TV. Connect SoundSend to the TV’s HDMI ARC or eARC port. Turn on the TV and set the audio output to HDMI (ARC) using the menu.

Power up

Power up SoundSend—it connects to each speaker automatically. Adjust speaker volume with the WiSA app or your TV remote.

WiSA SoundSend app on smart phone

Download app

Download and open the WiSA SoundSend app on your smartphone.


Sound system operation

The app makes it easy to control every aspect of your Milan sound system. Learn how.