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How to Make a Sound Investment | Step 3: Dive Deeper

Aug 23, 2022

graphic of an outdoor deck chair with a speaker and a pair of wireless earbuds for relaxation


Audio transmission

Uses Bluetooth technology

Audio quality

Up to two channels of compressed audio (stereo)


Ideal for headphones, earbuds, and portable speakers

graphic of a home office improved with a speaker system


Audio transmission

Uses a standard Wi-Fi network

Audio quality

Up to two channels of high-definition audio (stereo)


Ideal for smart speakers, multiroom speakers, and speakers that expand soundbar-based systems

graphic of a home theater


Audio transmission

Creates a dedicated wireless network, specifically for the sound system

Audio quality

Up to eight channels of ultra high-definition uncompressed audio; supports Dolby Atmos®

Highest globally-recognized standard for wireless speaker systems


Ideal for true cinema surround-sound systems

Expand your frequency range.

Whether your home theater set-up is for movies, sports, music, or games, a powerful subwoofer is the foundation for an immersive audio system. The subwoofer delivers audio in the lower frequencies—20-200 Hz—providing a bass layer of sound to deepen and expand your listening experience. These frequencies can come from instruments like a kick drum or a bass guitar, as well as sound effects from natural ambiance to blockbuster explosions.

Feel the sound.

While you might be able to hear the bass coming from your center channel speaker, a subwoofer allows you to truly feel the sound. A subwoofer can produce audio at a high volume with no sound distortion to deliver crisp, clear sound for any type of media. The subwoofer also helps to share the strain with the other speakers in the system, improving your overall speaker performance. For all TV viewing, a subwoofer helps produce more vibrant, immersive sound.

platin subwoofer underneath a stylish couch
Platin Subwoofer

Find your sweet spot.

The lower frequencies that subwoofers reproduce are omnidirectional, which means that placement of the subwoofer in your space is less sensitive than your center channel or rear speakers that manage the higher frequencies. Subwoofer performance can be enhanced by placing it next to a boundary like a wall or a corner. The wavelengths of the frequencies that subwoofers reproduce are very long, and an edge more effectively redirects those wavelengths back to you.

Dive deeper.

Adding a subwoofer to your home theater system allows you to dive deeper into your favorite films, sports, and music than you would have ever believed possible, and it does this while strengthening the audio quality of your system as a whole.

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